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Anne-Mari A. Heiskanen

born: Savonlinna

lives and works in Savonlinna Finland


Art education

2008-2010         Master of Culture and Arts, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Imatra Finland

2000-2004        Bachelor of Culture and Arts, South Karelia Polytechnic, Imatra Finland

Other education

2012-2013         Vocational art teacher education/Teacher’s pedagogical qualification, JAMK University of Applied Sciences Teacher Education College, Jyväskylä Finland

2005-2006      Art of basic education teacher, LAMK University of Applied Sciences , Lahti Finland

1988-1989         Windowdresser, Varkaus Commercial school, Varkaus Finland

University of Helsinki, Palmenia, Imatra Finland:

2000-2004      General art history basics, Aesthetics basics, Finnish art history basics, Introduction to philosophy


Solo exhibitions

2016                    Gallery Ars Nova Savonlinna Finland, Loose clouds

2016,-15,-13,-12,-11, Gallery Heinäkuu Savonlinna Finland, Depths, Youngheart and  Beautifulworld, To heavens, Dreamseer, Be the light in the shadow

2015                    Peltola wake up - Pop Up, Varkaus industry 200.years, Varkaus Art Museum Finland, The light in the forest

2015                    Gallery Kapriisi Tampere Finland, Youngheart and  Beautifulworld

2012                    Savonlinna Provincial Museum, Gallery Kongi  Finland, The State of being in space

2010                    Gallery Putka Savonlinna Finland, Where the singing of the Nightingale

2009                   Gallery Sovintola Kesälahti Finland, The situation live

2009,-08,-07,-06, Gallery Pinna Savonlinna Finland, Dreams, Spirit of travel, The last sleep, Diving

2005                    Gallery Hyrrä Savonlinna Finland, A place in the Sun

2003                    Cultural Centre Imatra Finland, Womanwoman

2002                    Tietotalo Imatra Finland, Landscape paintings


Joint exhibitions (jury)

2019                    Savonlinna Provincial Museum Finland

2018                    Hunger-castle Savonlinna Finland

2016                    Gallery Ars Nova Savonlinna Finland

2012                    Savonlinna Provincial Museum Finland

2012                    Mikkeli Art Museum South-Savo area exhibition

2011                     Cultural Centre Cable Factory Helsinki Finland

2011                     Gallery Levola Perniö, Watercolor art of Europe a part of Finnish Watercolor association

2010                    Lusto – Finnish Forest Museum Punkaharju Finland            

2008                   Gallery Eteinen and Art school Linnala Savonlinna Finland

2007                    Mikkeli Art Museum

2007, 2006       Savonlinna Provincial Museum Finland

2005                    Savonlinna Art Museum

2003                    Imatra Art Museum, South-Carelian art associations Finland


Group exhibitions

2019                    Cultural centre Poleeni Pieksämäki, SEVENTH HEAVEN-group show

2019                    Gallery Masuuni Teijo Finland

2018                    Gallery Järnätti Järvenpää Finland

2018                    Gallery Myötätuuli Raahe Finland

2017                    Savonlinna Provincial Museum Finland

2017                    Gallery Ars Nova Savonlinna Finland

2017                    Imatra Art Museum Finland

2016                   Gallery Bremer Karkkila Finland

2016,-14             Gallery Ars Nova Savonlinna Finland

2015                    Tuike-gallery, Joeli-library Savonlinna Finland

2014,-13,-11        Gallery Fogga Helsinki Finland

2014                    Gallery 3K Helsinki Finland

2013                    Attendo Aapeli Savonlinna Finland

2013,-10,-08,-07 Gallery Putka Savonlinna Finland

2013                    Akvart Gallery Helsinki Finland

2013,-07,-06    Gallery Pinna Savonlinna Finland

2011                     Gallery Arbis Helsinki Finland

2010                    Saima-house Savonlinna Finland

2010                    Talli-gallery Oitbacka Kirkkonummi Finland

2008                   Province Library exhibition hall Kouvola Finland

2008                   Nature Center-Oskari  Rantasalmi Finland

2006                   Antti’s Gallery Institute of Design Lahti Finland

2004                   Imatra Art Museum Finland

2003                   Tietotalo Imatra Finland


Coming exhibition

2020         Imatra Art Museum, solo exhibition

2020         Cultural centre Taarasti Nastola Finland, FIFTH MEET -group show


Exhibitions abroad

2019                International Bienal Of Contemporary Art - Mantova ArtExpo 2019, Gonzaga Museum Italy, Curated by Francesco Saverio Russo, Salvatore Russo

2019                International Bienal De Arte Barcelona - Art Exhibition Barcelona MEAM European Modern Art Museum of Barcelona Spain, Curated by Francesco                          Saverio Russo, Salvatore Russo, Sandro Senadifalco

2019                International Triennal Watercolor & Spirit – Varna 2019, IWS Bulgaria

2019                Eesti Watercolor Society/ Finnish Watercolor society, Vöru

2018                Bruges Belgia, International Bienal of Flanders, Oud Sint Jan Museum 

2018                Praha International Watercolor Society/Say

2017                ECWS 20., Salamanca Spain (jury)

2017                Gallery RossoCinabro, Roma Italy

2016                Gallery Marzia Frozen, Berlin Germany

2016                ARTEXPO 2016, Milano Italia

2010                Finnish Institute in Madrid, Madrid Spain

2002               Pärnu Viro


Grants, awards

2020               Arts Promotion Centre Finland, South-Savo, artistic work grant ½ year 

2019                Arts Promotion Centre Finland, South-Savo, artistic work grant ½ year

2019                International Prize Botticelli, Florence - Borghese Palace Italia

2018                Taike South-Savo, artistic work grant ½ year

2018                International Prize Raffaello, Gnudi Palace -  Bologna Italia

2018, 2017     Arts Promotion Centre Finland, South-Savo, artistic work grant ½ year

2018                International Prize Raffaello, Bologna Italy

2016, 2014     Finnish Cultural Foundation, South-Savo, artistic work grant ½ year

2013                Cultural Committee of Savonlinna

2012, 2006    Alfred Kordelin foundation Savonlinna

2008                Otsakorpi foundation -groupgrant

2006                Ars Nova art association, free exhibition Savonlinna

2004                South Karelia Polytechnic, College of Fine Arts

2003                Cultural Committee of Imatra



                            Finnish Painters Union, candidate member

                            Art assosiation Viipuri Helsinki Finland

                            Art association Ars Nova Savonlinna Finland, (president 2014-2016, secretary 2019)

                            Finnish Watercolor Society

                            OAJ- teachers association

Art teacher

                            Art school Linnala Setlementti Savonlinna, 2004-2015

                             Linnala Setlementti Savonlinna, watercolorpainting- and drawing courses 2006-2016

                             Linnala Setlementti Savonlinna, Color to learn painting -J.Itten 2016

                             Savonlinna Christian Institute, art line teacher 2008-2012 

                             Savonlinna Art high school, Dugaatti Prize 2017

                             Savonlinna Art high school, Art scholarship selection 2012, dibloma assesment -07, -10

                             Art camp Impressionistit Sulkava -09

                             RaJuPuSu-college Sulkava, art courses  -08, -09

                             Cultural Club Kesälahti watercolor-camp  -10

                             Puruvesi-college/ Puruveden-college Kesälahti art course -10, watercolor courses -10-07

                             Savonlinna Christian Institute, art course -07, MMOI-art projekt -06

                             High shool Savonlinna, art course -04


Art show           Gallery Putka Savonlinna Finland, Ars Nova Watercolor painting – Art Show -07


Segnalati Lisbon 2019, Art Now Serradifalco Palermo, directed by Salvatore Russo

Bienal de Arte Barcelona painting - sculpture - photography, Art Now Serradifalco Palermo 2019

Heiskaset - Magazine 1/2019 ja 2-3/2019

Art International Contemporary Magazine 1 2019, directed by Salvatore Russo

International Prize Bottizelli 2019, Palermo Italy, A cura di Salvatore Russo e Francesco Saverio Russo

Art International Contemporary Magazine 5 2018, directed by Salvatore Russo

1st International Watercolour Festival in the Czech Republic 2018, Curated by Alexandra Bryksa

The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2018, curated by Salvatore Russo, Francesco Saverio Russo

International Prize RAFFAELLO 2018, Palermo Italy, A cura di Salvatore Russo e Francesco Saverio Russo

Art International Contemporary Magazine 3 2018, directed by Salvatore Russo

International Prize RAFFAELLO 2018, Palermo Italy, A cura di Salvatore Russo e Francesco Saverio Russo

Aidosti omaa, kuvataiteilijoita Etelä-Savosta 2012, ISBN 978-952-5691-25-2

Radio: Yle Radio Suomi, Etelä-Savon Radio, Jokapäiväinen taiteemme/Anne Pelkonen, 29.4.2014.